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Contact of Alyr

Cin and Alyr worked together throughout the Secret Wars alongside Jada Pin. Their crew was often augmented by others but they came and went. The only constant in Alyr’s crew was Cin and Jada. They carved a path through Romulan space for the Syndicate that made all of them wealthy. Alyr owes the vast majority of his wealth to this time as do the girls.

However, at the end of the secret war their roles would separate the trio and end an era. Alyr would wind up in a penal colony because of a pirate and slaver named Tarak. Jada would wind up the concubine of a misanthrope named Barty Banks. And Cin would become a lone bounty hunter for the Syndicate.

Episode 12

Cin was determined to find her friend Jada Pin. She had been searching for some time but the only clue she had was from a semi-reliable contact on Commerce Planet 1 who said he had seen her with some guy named Barty Banks. She put the word out to the Fly to keep an eye out for any appearance of this guy.

Jada had just up and disappeared, which was not her style. Especially not for some cat like Barty. Hell, Jada didn’t event like guys. Her and Cin had some incredible nights but she was just not into guys at all. Alyr had made his best moves on Jada and she simply blew him off. She was strictly lickly all the way. This fat bloated mess Barty had some sort of mind control over her, it was obvious.

The Fly informed her that Barty Banks had purchased a slew of tickets to the Miss Universe pageant. So, Cin did as well. It was some time off but she vowed that if her friend was in trouble she was going to do whatever it took to rescue her.

She made attempts to contact Alyr but he was totally off the grid. No wonder, he was a very wanted man these days. This turned Cin on. She loves the fact that Alyr has escaped Denchar and is back in the lime light. She put the word to the Fly that she needs to reach him. He charged her a hefty amount to keep that between her, him, and Alyr but he promised to put the two together the next time Alyr contacted him.

Cin Silari

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