Brother Sum

Leader of the Ax Gang


Near-Human Male
Criminal/Gang Leader

All problems can be solved with Kung Fu

The secret to inner peace can be found in the mastery of martial discipline


Brother Sum is the leader of the Axe Gang and mastermind of the Tri-Gauntlet Cup. His gang runs a massive gambling operation based on unarmed duels to the death. He is a Brother in the Cult of Xebec. As a master of dozens of martial arts, he is highly regarded as a teacher yet feared as a ruthless killer. He has also set up nine martial arts academies in the colony where he recruits new followers.

Episode 1

Was beaten by Gunner Simmons in a duel to decide control of the South Entrance to the mines. With the recent series of cave-ins in the main tunnel, it’s possible that either the AKs or the Axe Gang is responsible and is making a play for more power in Xebec’s Demise.

Brother Sum

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