Ka'Beck Yetal



Orion Female
Freelance Reporter



Becky started her career as a porn star but after two years she decided that it was not the business for her. One of the directors that she’d been fooling around with let apprentice under his best camera man. She quickly picked it up and soon became one of the best in the industry.

Her filming of the combat scene in Wormholes 2 won her several awards. She was approached by Neutrino News, a major news outlet in the federation to cover the Dominion War. She jumped at the chance and covered the front lines until the end of the war. She continued to work for Neutrino News and when the Empire War started she was back on the front lines.

However, when the Federation radically changed policy she used her investigation skills to find out what was going on. She found damning evidence of some sort of conspiracy but Neutrino News destroyed all of her evidence. She was arrested and sent to Denchar for treason.

She is currently filming a documentary that is going to expose Denchar for what it is.

Episode 1

Becky is a friend of Alyr’s currently on Denchar. She needs to be located in the next month if we’re going to be able to take her with us when we get off this rock.

Episode 2

The crew ran into Becky while they were hanging out at Tripper’s Paradise. Though she wasn’t impressed with the crew at all (Jacen particularly), she seems to be keeping an open mind regarding their indication that they’ll be getting off of the penal colony shortly.

Episode 4

We managed to reach her again at the Dancing Dwarf, where she was (as always) trying to figure out the best story she could under the current circumstances. She was interested in the death of Gunner, taking copious notes as we regaled her with the tale. When we make our escape attempt, we should make every effort to bring her with us – not only is she cute and fun to have around, she’s also got a bone to pick with the Federation and she’s a reporter. That means she’ll be able to get the story out if she needs to.

Episode 5

Becky was brought along with the party as they left Xebec’s Demise, and escaped the planet aboard the Fearless. Only time will tell what’s in store for this intrepid reporter.

Episode 6

Becky left the group on Commerce 01. Undoubtedly, she is now working on her next big story.

Episode 11

Becky has finished editing her documentary “Terra Terror”. A holo that shows an extremely slanted view of the UFP. She seems to expose a sinister side to the UFP that is quite convincing to all but its staunchest defenders. The crowning glory of the film is her coverage of the Denchar Penal Colony. While this is (was) a Romulan penal colony, she makes it quite evident that the UFP was in collusion with the Romulan empire to create a dumping ground for any serious political opposition. But she goes even further and exposes the slave exports from Denchar. With the help of Raza Longknife, she has teamed up with the Starjammers and has managed to track down, free, and interview several prisoners that were sold from the penal colony.

She has gone even further than would be wise by showing footage of victims of Black Blood Syndrome on Denchar and has managed to successfully convinced (whether its true or not) a significant number of viewers that the UFP intentionally tested this disease on the inhabitants in order to develop it for nefarious reasons.

She has gone even further and insinuated that the order know as the Jedi are not to be feared but to be seen as the only hope of the UFP has of returning to its former glory as a benevolent entity. She has managed to make a convincing argument to her fans that an order known as the Sith has infiltrated the UFP and is currently in the process of destroying the free and just society that the UFP once embodied.

The film is already a major underground film and has put into motion a movement that will cause the UFP major problems as it tries to reconfigure its new order. Riots and protesting has already sprung up on all UFP planets as this holo has gone super viral.

Becky and the Starjammers are laying low for the time being. Word has it that she is unofficially the UFC’s public enemy number one.

Episode 12

Becky and the Starjammers traveled to a bolt hole of Corsair’s. From there she contacted Galaxina to set up a meeting with a few of her influential friends who were sympathizers to the tyranny of the new Federation to set up a meeting on Citadel Station. Corsair loaded her onto a runabout with clean transponder which she took to Citadel.

She made it to Citadel and met with these members to discuss the next move. It was a long evening and these influential people discussed a great many things about the future of the galaxy.

This night, unbeknownst to the Federation, would become a pivotal moment in it’s history. Some would say it was the night that good people finally stood up and demanded justice. Some would call it the night that lit the galaxy on fire. All would say that it was the night that changed everything…

Episode 28

Becky has been on the run from federation bounty hunters. She managed to gain entry into the market where she stayed for a while but when the Orion Syndicate collapsed, life on the market became dicey. She managed to obtain an alternate ID. She took her runabout to Citadel managed to find a safe house in the lower levels. Her money was starting to run short so she started dancing in a high class club. Living was good and she was getting comfortable; too comfortable. That’s when the bounty hunter and his crew grabbed her.

She sits naked in a cell in Tyrone’s Ship, The Apparition, hoping that Alyr and the boys will defeat Tyrone and free her.

Episode 30

Becky was rescued and Tyrone killed.

Episode 31

Beck agreed to join the crew of Alyr’s ship. She desires to see this treasure the crew keeps talking about.

Ka'Beck Yetal

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