Barty Banks


Blue Orion
Vagabond/World Hopper/Merchant

“You wanna know why I’m angry? I’ll tell ya why i’m angry. I’ll tell ya what made me so fraking mad. It’s because I got a bad rap. A bad rap I tell ya. They stuck the knife in my back. They stuck in there real deep and twisted it a little. That’s why i’m angry. Wouldn’t you be angry? Wouldn’t you be righteously mad? And me just a kind, honest, businessman. A guy who wouldn’t even hurt a bug. How do you think that made me feel? I’ll tell ya. It made me angry.”


Little is known about this enigmatic character. Those who have met him claim he was the nicest guy they have ever known.

The Syndicate has a reward out for the capture of Barty to obtain the whereabouts of Jada Pin.

Rumor has it that he is now working for Abul Nuquad.

Episode 10

Alyr made contact with Barty before the crew left Citadel Space. Barty indicated that he was too busy to return the Starlight at the time, but would be available – maybe – in 3 or 4 months time. Hopefully, he’d be able to rendezvous with Alyr the next time the two of them were on Citadel, or perhaps Commerce 02.

Episode 21

Barty teamed up with some crime bosses from the verse while trying to secure trade rights for Sisco Industries. In order to get some of teh competition out of the way, her aranged for Karr, Matt, Nova, and Thanos to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Things went sour following the escape of Matt and Thanos, who eventually rescued Karr and came face to face with Barty while he held Nova at gun point. After reaching a truce, the escaped prisoners left Barty to his own devices.

Episode 24

Barty lured Alyr away from negotiations by distracting him with some beautiful sex kittens. This allowed Barty to secure the trade agreement for Sisco Industries and guarenteed his profit of 30 million credits. Fearing reprisal, he hired the Starjammers to for personal protection.

Barty Banks

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