Unknown Alien Male


An alien of unknown origin, Baleer runs the high-priced, high-quality slave market in the Thieve’s Market in the Undermaze of Xebec’s Demise.

Episode 3

When we encountered his shop, we found Tanda in his possession. Jacen bought her from him, and later freed her. As Jacen is certain that Tanda left Denchar about a year ago, Baleer may have a way to reach offworld, and may be a way to escape the penal colony.

Episode 5

When we got the Fearless operational, A’dala asked to bring him with us. He is now an escapee from Denchar with the party, though it’s likely the relationship will last no longer than the journey to Commerce 01.

Episode 6

Baleer departed the group when they arrived on Commerce 01. His current whereabouts are unknown.


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