Human Female


Artemis first met Jacen Daasa during his short stay at Deep Space Nine. They’d spent a few minutes talking at Quark’s bar, while she waited for her next job to show up. She liked him – there was just some quality about him that seemed to give her a spark. Shortly after he left, she saw her job enter the bar – a low ranking member of the Cardassian Merchant Marines. She approached him and started flirting, as per the arrangement. Shortly after that, they were headed to his quarters where things would surely get interesting.

Killing him didn’t take long, but security on the station proved to be more capable than she had originally thought. She was using everything she knew just to make it to her shuttle, and was barely keeping ahead of the station’s security forces. As she turned a corner, she ran into Jacen, who was apparently on the way to his own vessel. He’d smiled as he saw her, but didn’t notice the security detail coming up the corridor behind him. So Artemis grabbed the man and started kissing him, using every skill she’d learned at the Orion Academy of the Artful Seduction to use – he responded in kind, of course, turning to press her against the wall.

Unfortunately, the security officers interrupted them. Artemis was about to launch her attack when Jacen said to them that ‘there’s nothing here to interest you’. To her surprise, the officers moved on. Artemis was amazed – and a little intrigued – but had to get off the station as soon as possible.

Since then, she’s gotten away from her employers and has moved to Citadel Station, where she works as a freelance erotic dancer. She keeps a low profile – as much as one is possible – and keeps an eye out for Jacen. She’s heard his name mentioned a few times, so she knows it’s only a matter of time.


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