Arok the Hutt


Hutt Male



Arok was a prisoner onboard one of the Imperial Star Destroyers in the 91st Reconnaissance attack fleet. He managed to escape during the Battle of Andor and turned himself over to the UFP as a political refugee. Eventually he was able to strike out on his own again. Using his knowledge of narcotics and the criminal element, it wasn’t long before he had established a thriving business on Andoria. The local laws prevented him from owning slaves and so he took his wealth and moved to Commerce Planet 02.

Here he has managed to create a thriving business buying and selling slave, arms, medicine, narcotics, and information. He runs an gang of professional treasure hunters called The Souless, who scour the galaxy seeking out the rarest of treasures for his personal collection.

Tarak and Arok have had many business dealing over the years. Arok has purchased no fewer than 600 slaves from Tarak as well as numerous other luxuries. Tarak learned ealry on that the Hutt has no conscience or morals except when it comes to pleasure.

Episode 10

The crew traveled to Commerce 02 so that Tarak could register the Heart o’ Gold with his Shodar, Arok. Most of the officers of the ship joined the Syndicate, much to the Hutt’s amusement. After the brief ceremony, a party was thrown to celebrate.

Episode 15

Believed killed in the Purge of non-orion syndicate leaders.

Arok the Hutt

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