Arnold Jenkins


Human Male
Salvage Company Owner/Operator


Jenkins was in Starfleet Security onboard the USS Vanguard serving under Content Not Found: tu-sutok. The too got along so badly that Commander Malak transfered him to Engineering. In Engineering, Jenkins excelled and proved to be a natural with Transporter and Hologram Technology. His Holonovels became the rage of the crew and soon spread throughout the Federation making Jenkins more money than he every thought possible. In addition his interest in alien sports allowed him to bring to the Federation a new sport he invented. After the Empire war he resigned his commission and struck out to discover his fortune.

He heard that his old crewmember, Salma Hayek had struck a claim on Citadel Station and decided to follow. Starting his own salvage company he now owns three ships and has a dozen people working for him. Currently he is mining a previously undiscovered Borg Cube and selling the parts at his shop on Citadel.


Everyone needs a good mechanic and Thanos was no exception. He met Jenkins on Citadel and cultivated a friendship, offering his services as a pilot in exchange for work on his ship. This worked well for both Jenkins and Thanos as Jenkins had yet to strike it rich in the salvage industry and Thanos had no money. As Jenkins grew his business he needed Thanos more and more often until the two of them nearly had a partnership. Jenkins knows if he needs a great pilot all he has to do is ask. Thanos knows that if he needs work, Jenkins always has a job or two available.

Arnold Jenkins

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