Al'isabet Carus




No one knows who she is or how she got here but one day she was seen walking the streets and the rumor is she cut Gunner Simmons nearly in half with her lightsaber. Gunner has offered a hefty reward for this one to be brought in alive.

Episode 3

We ran into her being accosted by a group of AKs. She seems to be a Jedi padawan, and she helped us during the fight with the AKs at the Grinning Vulcan. She’s taken a real liking to Alyr, especially since the roof collapsed on him at the Tripper’s Paradise.

Episode 4

We encountered her twice – once with the Jik-Fenya, and once as we were crossing to the Ula-Tek controlled region. Since the second one denied ever being with the Jik-Fenya, there’s possibly a Clawdite or two in the colony. Just the thing to make our lives more interesting. Al was injured badly in the fight wit the Ula-Tek, and we’re waiting for Cate to get her healthy again.

Episode 5

Al’isabet escaped with us on the Fearless. Her history is curious, and more should be learned.

Episode 6

Al’isabet disembarked from the group on Commerce 01. Her whereabouts beyond that are unknown.

Al'isabet Carus

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