Togruta Female
Jedi Order

“I once thought it was a great act of valor to risk my life for a cause, now I know the greatest act of valor I can make is to remain alive”


Ahsoka was once the padawan to Anakin Solo, or as he is now known, Darth Vader. She was proud to be his padawan, and strove to make him proud. Thus it came as quite a shock when he turned to the Dark Side and joined the Sith that they had been fighting against.

Vader tried to seduce Ahsoka to the Dark Side, but the young Jedi was too strong-willed to turn, so she was instead sentenced to suffer under the ministrations of the Sith Inquisitorious. Ahsoka managed to escape her captives en route to Coruscant and, for a short time, fought with the Resistance against Palpatine’s new Empire. When she heard of the wormhole, she decided to travel through it in the hope of finding allies to fight the new Sith threat, but was instead captured by Ferengi slavers and sold to the Orion Syndicate.

For a short time, she was on the planet of Denchar, but she was recently sold to Jhargren Dhal. She plots her escape, but the collar she wears has cut off her connection to the Force and causes her pain when she tries to use it. Jhargren can also use a controller he keeps on him at all times to cause her pain, as well.


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