Starfleet Admiral


With the advent of the Jedi Extermination Act, Admiral Yore was placed in command of Operation JET. His command includes 36 ships of the line and an operational budget that is larger than the GNP of most Federation planets.

Admiral Yore answers only to the President of the Ferederation. His staff includes an entire Esper division made up of Starfleet Section 13 members, Prime Team operatives, and Starfleet Rangers. His people have extensive experience fighting the 91st Reconnaissance Corps as well as the 501st Legion.

Episode 9

Admiral Yore felt the sting of defeat at the hands of the crew when they mounted the successful rescue of Satele Keto from his flagship, the USS Iriquois. Whether he survived the damage inflicted on his ship is undetermined, but if he did, the crew has likely earned an implacable enemy.

Episode 10

The crew learned that the Admiral did, indeed, survive the attack upon the Iriquois.


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