Di'aga Qi Lin


Bounty Hunter/Killer for Hire

Don’t whine to me about innocence, I lost mine when they told me Santa wasn’t real


Di’aga is a native of Mars and a former Starfleet Marine. She joined the Marines with the hopes of seeing the universe but within months of her graduation was thrust into the heart of the Dominion War. She fought in seven ground engagements including the Kalandra Sector, the Badlands, and Betazed. She was a part of the force that took Cardassia Prime and was assigned to the garrison on Cardassia Prime following the War. By the time the Empire War had begun, all of Di’aga’s naive dreams of the UFP had been shattered. She was a hardened soldier with a hardened soul. Killing had become second nature to her and during the Empire War she took her killing to new levels. Starfleet Court Martialed her for her violations of numerous Starfleet Regulations and she was discharged.

Now she wanders the galaxy as a gun for hire. Her ancient Martian disruptor is a source of terror for those she comes after.

Tarak has known Di’aga since he first went to Terok Nor. Di’aga’s father was doing business with the Cardassians and Tarak became friends with the father, using him as a go-between for many illicit gun sales. Di’aga knew Tarak as her ‘Uncle’, and the two have stayed in touch for many years. She even had a childhood crush of Tarak but that was a long time ago.

Di'aga Qi Lin

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